Posted by: atarimonos | August 25, 2008

Nimen Hao!

So here goes. Welcome to teh Oxford Comma. For those who know, don’t know, or would like to know I am in the process of moving to another country. The Portuguese call this place Formosa, others the Republic of China, and the confused cal lit China Taibei … let’s call it Taiwan. I am off to teach English to 6-18 year olds, live in Taiwan for a year, travel around South East Asia, and take lots of pictures. The purpose of this blog is three fold: 1) Keep you (the readers) informed of my going ons in Taiwan via words and for you visual learners pictures. 2) Act as an aggregator for Taiwanese news. 3) Support the use of oxford commas. I’m hoping to post weekly but who knows if that will be possible/probable. I’ll know more when I’m over there. 


Alright, back to packing, preparing, and reading. I leave Sept. 5th. If you’d like to contact me email is always an option.


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