Posted by: atarimonos | August 28, 2008


Alright, since I haven’t quite left the country I’ll share a few pre-travel thoughts.

It’s true: I heart language (so much so, I use childish expressions of affection). Think of what language does for us: expression of “non-physical thought” to a “real” (read “being”) object. The ability to communicate with beings in order to empathize (share meaning). The option to laud or admonish. The sheer complexity of language is also pretty nifty. Change in tone, aspirations, tongue placement, velars, dentals, labials, vowels, consonants, grammar, and, lest we forget like so much after-shave: the written word.

Lo! Languages are endangered! Here is a link describing the top ten most endangered languages: 

One of those languages has 10 different genders! How cool is that? How cool am I for participating in the field of linguistics? … probably not that cool.



  1. and always remember the tongue is sharper than the sword , smoother than glass, sweeter than sugar etc. Language so cool , so cruel EMysticlake

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