Posted by: atarimonos | September 8, 2008


I am exhausted. Although I have only been in Taiwan for 2 full days I have already done a lot. For example, on Sunday (my first full day) a majority of my dorm mates and I took a day trip to Taipei. To get to Taipei from Taoyuan you’ve two main options: bus or train. Each takes about 30 minutes and costs about the same. Anywho, getting off the bus one one soon learns the greatness that is the MRT (subway lines for the entire city). So bleedin’ useful, one can get from one side of the city to another for 20NT. During the day we went to the Taipei Fine Arts museum with some great art by J.C.Kuo. Pretty amazing stuff. Then off to Longshan temple, on of the oldest/best preserved temples in all of Taiwan. I was fortunate to be present during a festival and witnessed (what I would call) prayers, offerings, divination, and procession. As soon as I figure out my flickr account I’ll post some pictures. After that we headed to the Taipei 101 building, the largest building in the World. Wicked awesome! Spent some time in the night markets, and headed back to Taoyuan by train. All of my expenses added up to less the 12 dollars U.S. 

Monday, was another busy day. Two work shops in the morning and two class observations in the evening. With a doctors appointment thrown in for good measure. I barely had a chance to breath … let alone absorb all the information. No matter, here I am still. I begin teaching tomorrow for 2 of my regular classes. Hurray for work …

I’m getting excited for classes. During my observations I realized just how different Taiwanese children’s education differs from the American equivalent. There are a few faults in their method; but it definitely favors incoming english teachers. I promise pictures next time.


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