Posted by: atarimonos | September 12, 2008

Typhoon Day

I have just completed my first week teaching English. I have to say that although I’m not too comfortable quite yet with the whole “teaching” thing, the kids I’m teaching are great. A couple things should be made aware about Taiwanese students: 1) the little kids have ridiculous amounts of energy; however, they are able to control it 2) older students are lethargic (if you had to go to school for 9 hours and then go for extra classes after you’d be tired too. 3) the kids/students are much better behaved. Basically my job entails reading new sentences/stories and playing a lot of games. In other words, this is a fun job.

However, my week of work was unwittingly truncated by a Typhoon. All of my friday classes (of which there are three) were cancelled. Let me explain, there are various types of rain … from a misting, to a light rain, to a heavy rain. Typhoons do not fit into any of those categories. Rather, Typhoons are in the class of “holy shit cats and dogs are falling on the roofs and the wind just knocked me on my ass!” Or the equivalent of that statement.

What does this mean? I’ve got a 3 day weekend (the moon-festival is on friday). So rather than working 6 days a week, I only worked for 4. Which is cool, except I didn’t get paid … teh sucks. Oh well, off to Taipei tomorrow? Or maybe a trip down south? I’ll have to start planning.


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