Posted by: atarimonos | September 14, 2008

Is it an Ice Cream Truck?

Alas no. In Taiwan, whenever you hear the dulcet tones of an “ice-cream” truck, it is really the obnoxious blares of the garbage truck. So, if you hear the ice-cream truck coming ’round the corner remember to take out your trash. Another thing to watch out for: there is no such thing as rock, paper, scissors … the civilized world knows this as Paper, Scissors, Stone. PSS decides anything, from playground rules to public policy. Next time you have a dispute with someone remember to challenge them to a rousing game of PSS,

In other news, Typhoon Sinlaku still falls upon the island. When you watch the weather broadcasts you can’t even see the island … just a swirling mass of chaos. It’s been raining for over tqo days straight. With any luck the storm will end tonight. I’m getting really sick of all this rain. Not too much else to report, I get the chance to teach two kindergarten classes tomorrow night. Here here to playing games for a living.


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