Posted by: atarimonos | September 17, 2008

Shoes Do Cost 300 Dollars

300 NT … which comes out to about $10 american. In Italy the shoes you wear are important. In Taiwan, shoes are a given. Not simply a necessity, as in I wear shoes because if I don’t I’ll be laughed at. No, in even a mildly formal setting … say teaching English by playing games … closed toed shoes are worn. At all times. Also, not all closed toes shoes are made equal. Some are more “appropriate” than others with different tastes acceptable for men and women. I’d never thught I’d write so much about shoes.

In other news, things you should do in Taiwan. GO TO THE NIGHT MARKET! Best food, prices, and  selection, so long as you’re not looking for those specialty items (like climbing shoes). If ever you’re in Taoyaun, Bob the potato guy makes the best mashed potatoes this side of the Mid-West. Remember, you can get ANYTHING in Taiwan for the same (or cheaper) prices. Another example, there is a little Italian eatery called “Latinis” about a 10 minutes walk from me. Just remember to wear year closed-toe shoes.


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