Posted by: atarimonos | September 21, 2008

Biological Warfare

There is a gritty side to life as an Ex-Pat: biological warfare. I’m taking about bacteria, microbes, and germs. the reason for my late post is due to a particular strain of Taiwanese warfare what in general is termed food poisoning. So for the past few days i’ve been bed/couch ridden attempting to get accustomed to this particular specimen of bacteria. I’m feeling better but still have a ways to go. I’m just now eating regular food again. Ufda … rough week.

To make matters worse I just took on a full schedule. Which means about 30 hours of my week is taken up with teaching kids English. Now 30 hours is not a lot by any stretch of the imagination … except when kids are involved. 4-5 years old have s much energy! After two hours of working I could sleep for a week. Also, travel to one school requires a bus and a train. Meaning during any given day I’m traveling for a couple of hours. Making it hard to get a regular eating/sleeping/working schedule going. I work at the oddest times, usually in the evenings and sometimes in the morning. Hopefully i’ll shake this bug soon so my posts can be more regular/coherent.


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