Posted by: atarimonos | September 30, 2008


You can find everything in Taiwan. For example, this past weekend I and a friend scootered over to Ikea, Swedish-shopping-perfection. I purchased a smart looking lamp, some cutlery, jam, and dark chocolate. Can life be any better? I’ve become a bowling enthusiast (the bowling lanes are 5 minutes away), I’ve found a new coffee house (Cafe 85 … local chain as best I understand), there is a climbing gym 5 minutes away, and an outdoor store about a 10-minute walk. On top of all this, I’m 300 feet from Carrefour … think Wal-mart, except better, although it is French. They’ve got small selection of imports but if you’re looking for something particular hop a bus to the train-station and look for FE21. They’ve got an international market. If that isn’t enough, I can point you in the direction for Mexican,  an American-Breakfast diner, Italian, Indian, and a Chicago style pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All this is in Taoyuan. You can find even more in Taipei.

In other news the DOW has gone to hell and a hand basket. I’ve lived through 3 typhoons in just as many weeks, with a fourth Typhoon apparently hitting Taiwan on Sunday. Ufda. Thankfully I’m employed, sheltered, and find ample opportunity to catch up on my reading. On a lighter note,  happy birthday to my God-Mum. I’ll join you in a week. Sleep for now and work in the morning. Cheers.


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