Posted by: atarimonos | October 4, 2008

Saturdays … Ufda

I hate Saturdays. I work for 7 hours on Saturday. This does not include travel time. Permit me the arduous task of plotting my Sat. schedule. I wake up at 8am and leave promptly at 8:20am in order to catch the bus to the Train Station. I catch the 9:07 train to get to my place of work. I arrive at work a half hour early, plan out my class, and catch a quick breakfast. I have 4 classes in total. I leave work at 9:30pm. I arrive back home at 11pm. A long flipping day. 

As much as I may gripe about Saturdays, this particular Saturday ended perfectly. I caught the last bus from the Train Station to my residence and as I sat I pulled a deck of cards from my pack (one should never leave home without a pack of cards). I twiddled with the cards awhile until I noticed a little girl watching as I did various flourishes/vanishes. I performed a few tricks for her and the smile/surprise on here face was brilliant, pure joy. As I hopped off the bus to walk the couple blocks home, I handed the pack of cards to her, the wide grin on her face was/is priceless. It simply made me feel good. On top of that … Taiwanese folk are some of the most accommodating people I’ve ever had the pleasure to get to know, so very very helpful.

To top it all off I returned to find a letter from my Grandfather. May hand written letters never go out of style. Thanks Gpa, the letter brought a smile to my face.


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