Posted by: atarimonos | October 9, 2008


Thanks to all for the well wishes. I’ve aged a little more and grown up a little less. Playing games with my students and actually being paid for it is amazing. On the topic of students in Taiwan, these kids should be given meddles for the amount of work they put into their education. Most of my students wake up by 6am and go to bed by 11pm, and these are only the Elementary (xiao xue) students! Discipline is easily enforced. Teachers in the States would be privileged to have students like this. 

There is a lot to admire in the Taiwanese education system. There is also a lot that I find offensive. The ability to regurgitate information is one thing. The ability to apply that which is learned is quite another. I hope that the latter skill will be employed in Taiwanese education down the line. I’ve attempted to bring a little of it in my classes … to no avail. Ufda … such is work. 

Alright, well I’m signing off for a few days. I’m traveling to the islands of Ma-tsu for a few days. I’ll be back on Tuesday so look for an update then. Until then, thanks to all for the birthday wishes. Till later, take care. Cheers.


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