Posted by: atarimonos | October 27, 2008

Another day another NT

I went to the local 7-11 today (this is a joke, in Taiwan, a land of 23 million inhabitants, there are 13,000+ 7-Elevens. This comes to a ratio of 1,770 people per 7-Eleven) and learned the Chinese for good morning (hao zao an). I can now say “I learned my Chinese from a 7-11 employee … joy.

In more important news the thermostat dipped below 80 degrees! Cooler weather here Taiwan comes! For someone who is from a cold climate this is a definite improvement. Right now the thing I miss most from home are the cold rainy days of Autumn leading into the even colder days of winter. In other news, I’ve finally learned the difference between BUddhist and Taoist temples: Taoist temples have more smoke. Now if only I could tell what “more smoke” actually means. Alas alack, I have not a keen enough eye for such exacting elements.¬†

Life is more the same … halloween festivities for my school is about to begin. I am none to enthused … I left halloween when I was a little boy. I’d never thought to relieve it as a part of the job requirement. Should I be a magician, knight, or devil? A monk? I don’t think I’m quite ready for a tonsure. I’ll post more soon. Things were a little hectic the week past and this coming week promises to be more the same. Until later.



  1. Go as an eagle riding a harley with an american flag paint job.

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