Posted by: atarimonos | November 7, 2008

Silence Deafens

Honestly, silence is golden … except when it’s not. Thankfully a majority of the American populace was far from silent this past election day. Three cheers for Obama. My, and a few million other’s, President. Obama is a nigh on mythic symbol for change and hope. Now we watch to see if he is change and hope we can believe in. 

Other news, Mainland China and Taiwan have nearly completed the first round of talks concerning across strait relations. Already the first four points (direct air travel, naval trade, Chinese travelers, and postage) have been tentatively agreed upon. How do the Taiwanese express their dis/content? BIG PROTESTS! Taipei is a smorgasbord of protestors, from the DPP, to Falun Gong members. Craziness and I got to check it out in person. One country elects a leader, another sells their people out. Guess where I stand on the issue?

Last, but by no means least, I’d like to thank E.B. Strunk and White’s book “Elements of Style”. A delightful little read for anyone with a spare hour or two. Till later. Cheers.


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