Posted by: atarimonos | November 14, 2008

Efficient Cuteness

I assumed, for the longest time, efficiency implied a brutish-no-nonsense nature. I am wrong. Efficiency, in Taiwan (when it is found at all), is oft coupled with cuteness. I sit in the coffee house typing. To my right sits a young woman painstakingly underlining passages in her book, an efficient means to remember key passages. She does so with the cutest ruler one has ever seen. My students consistently switch to different pens when writing different sentences; be it question, statement, or new vocabulary. Each pen is a different color with it’s own distinct cartoon markings. All pens, rulers, and erasers are carefully placed in the cuter-than-cute pencil case. It is too much cuteness for this foreigner. I miss the cold, mechanic, and no-nonsense efficiency of home.



  1. I love this piece ; it is both efficient and cute! E

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