Posted by: atarimonos | December 16, 2008

Gearing for Christmas

A blustery day in Taiwan. High winds, cooler temperatures (it’s fallen below 22c), and blue skies mark this particular day. This past week was busy; between parent teacher conferences and bothersome co-Teachers I definitely need of a vacation. Enter Christmas. 

Christmas in Taiwan is very similar to that in the States. By this I mean holiday music plays in November, chincy merchandise fills the markets, and Christmas trees are ubiquitous. For some reason I’m even more peeved by the holiday ‘festivities’, I’ve yet to figure out why. In part. I believe my expectations were for a December devoid of Christmas. I was intent to have no signs of Christmas. Indeed, there is no snow in Taiwan … how could Santa’s reindeer land? More than that, I find myself annoyed that there is no way for me to ‘properly’ celebrate Christmas, family is far away and quite a few other foreigners are hitting the trails. On top of all this, I’ve never had a glad disposition of Christmas time … grrr. What’s a lone boy to do?

In other news, I’ve  continued with my studies and even begun putting together a glossary, of sorts, for Temple architecture. I continue to  be impressed with the Taiwanese culture and history, particularly their markets, my recent trip to the Jade Market in Taipei (the largest Jade market in the world) is an apt example.

I’ll post more soon; however, for the moment, time to plan out Christmas based lesson plans … ufda. Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go …


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