Posted by: atarimonos | February 8, 2009

The Fifth Month

After a lengthy hiatus, I hath returned. February the fifth marked my fifth month of living in Taiwan. Within those five months I have not left the confines of this beautiful island and spend my time exploring her varied gifts. Chinese New Year completes her festivities with lighting of Lanterns.  I enter into a new season of exploring southern Taiwan. I find myself reading more and exploring old/new topics. My time here rekindles my interest in monastics, language, and, in case you hadn’t guessed, lists. I have moved into a new castle and currently make a slightly larger home for myself. I continue to wear my emotions on my sleeve and pursue, with greater fervor, social interaction. How odd.

I take a train to work. This train, as most trains, follows a set path to a fixed destination. Now, consider a train ride: a time spent gazing out a large window at the natural scenery. Over the course of the journey one may witness rolling hills, the odd town, fields etc.; all in the course of a day’s ride. As the train takes me along her tracks I watch urban, suburban, rice paddies, highways, mountains, before finally arriving a predestined stop only six minutes away. The variety of life and lifestyle in Taiwan, even over short distances, is staggering and ever enjoyable. 

The blog’s purpose is to inform you, the possible reader, of my time spent here. In the past five months, I’ve learned that this blog’s mission, or use, is not only to inform, but also a place to leave mine thoughts, considerations, and contemplations. In some aspects a blog, for myself, enters the realm of public diary: a live journal. [My grandfather, no doubt, will curl with annoyance at these words; my apologies to him and you.] As a writer I leave you with cliches, common turns of phrase, numerous ablative absolutes, and misplaced words. I do all this in the hope of bettering mine writing and leaving an occasional coherent thought. I may even add proper transitions between paragraphs. How’s that for a slice of pie?

We’ll see if I can post an “occasional … thought” more often. 😉


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