Posted by: atarimonos | June 25, 2009

Tropical Opposites

Any job has high, lows, and “in-betweens”. It’s similar to an elevator. Each day you start off at the first floor, enter into a cramped 9 foot square space, and a ascend to the happy heights … or descend into the unwashed/unwanted basement. Usually, on any given day, you have the privilege to enter only one of these floors. Yesterday was not that day. 

I entered the elevator (oddly shaped like a train) and proceeded to work. I got off at the given floor/station and walked the rest of the way not knowing what to expect. I should have expected the worse. Tyrants, now in child size. Being talked about by kids in the negative hurts, just as much as in middle-school … except now I get to translate the conversations. However, these same students consistently volunteer for tasks, to which they are unsuited, and upon being deflected become pouty and emo (I hate that word). Ugh … some days suck.

3:30 pm. rolled around, a bell-man informed me I’d gotten off at the wrong floor. We’d talk about it over coffee. I returned to the elevator to be led to a quite different floor. There were no angles, nor curves, only organized chaos. Twists and turns that have no apparent structure, yet take you to where you want to go. I got off. The evening was much better. we teach QA’s (question/answers) e.g. What nationality are you? My students asked me: I am Alexian. The students followed through with What color is the Alexian flag? I don’t know. This prompts an imaginative 10 year old to design my flag (I’ve got a copy as a keep sake … the Alexian army shall rise, after standing on a chair). I almost told him to go home and make a full sized flag for his homework. Needless to say the evening was much better.

Elevators take you to where you need to go. Sometimes it’s awkward when you get off at the wrong floor; painful, as you arrive at the mini-entrance to the Inferno; or, sometimes chaotically perfect. I enjoy those the best.

P.S. In other news, 15-odd foreigners celebrate the heat of summer with a squirt-gun fight! Epic. Attracting a crowd of Taiwanese, cool. Getting photo snapped by grandma with grandkids and wondering where this photo will end up: priceless … or at least quizical. Too bad mother nature crashed the party with a Typhoon. She always brings too much water … no fair.


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