Posted by: atarimonos | February 1, 2010


My time in America is spent skipping from one distraction to the next. I would like to say that all my distractions are of the highest academic calibre and cultured to the extreme. This is not the case. I spend my time watching youtube videos, like this trailer for “Warriors” (thanks to DJ Neb) or “The Most Interesting Man In the World“. I play ceaseless mindgames. I read/look at blogs, Unhappy Hipsters. I listen to music, even going so far as to become involved in the ongoing debate of GaGa-ism. For the record: I shake my head in disdain at Gaga. I prefer La Roux, Uffie, … even Ke$ha. Yes, I went there. There are endless distractions for those of us who wish to tell reality: “Wait.” We who say to life: “I’m okay here.” Such persons as myself find productivity comes in spurts. Our drive’s have two gears and one is idling. Is this the best of all possibilities: not at all. At some point, I will have to emerge from the safety and entertainment of electric signals. I will be compelled to enter into the real world facing the horrors and relishing the few joyful moments … mostly in tears. Before I enter such treacherous territoty here’s one last distraction for you who watch “The Office”: “The Diabolical Blog“. What will Dwight consider next?


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