Posted by: atarimonos | February 11, 2010

Misanthopry and Three

The past few days have been a trial: a trial of gaming. Some background: I am not a people person. I like people with a few provisos: never in large numbers and never on consecutive days. Now, I would not go so far as to call myself a misanthrope. I say this with good reason for Plato noster reminds us that the cause of misanthropy is twofold: 1) betrayal by a confidant (Phaedo 89d) and 2) maltreatment by society  (Laws 791d). I’ve a much simpler test for misanthropy: are you Dwight Schrute? If the answer is yes, well you’ve won (or lost) and are a misanthrope.  Bully for you. This is neither here nor there: gaming. If one wishes to get out of a funk, rage, or annoyance there are few ways better than to lay waste to plentiful zombies with a shotgun. I just went from Plato to Zombies … riddle me a segue. I give you three:

1) ComaR’s “I want you D.A.N.C.E.” (Jackson 5 v. Justice) is pretty audible.

2) Sticky Moments – Excellent site for all you punsters.

3) Thank you to Dentists and their profession. Remember you wouldn’t  be necessary if we had kept to our hunter-gathering ways … at least according to cavemen (and woman).  proto-Atkins diet + zero sugar = perfect teeth. [N.B. THE Caveman made an appearance on the Colbert Report] Thanks to God-mum for the heads up.



  1. Mmmm I would like to hunt and gather him…
    Too much?

    P.S. I did not know the two consecutive days rule. So I got lucky to see you 3 days in a row! I will try to take heed from now on…

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