Posted by: atarimonos | February 24, 2010


On a recent foray into the intricate web humbly known as the Internets, I came to a familiar oasis known as XKCD. The comic titled Freedom gave me license guffaw. It also provided me a moment of self-reflection as we all have had moments where we really wanted to act only to be held back by social convention. For example: throwing a penny off a tall building, greeting folk with a heart felt “F-YOU!”, or even deciding that speaking in Latin for the day is a good idea. These are my thoughts, I’m sure you few readers have your own. But the point of the comic is one of options. There are quite literally thousands of options which we all COULD choose. The only thing, aside from a leash or, in the case of old-age, broken hips, holding us back is social convention.

Life is full of options. I could steal a large car and enter the life of a drifting car-thief. Peruse city libraries in drag. Perhaps even live a year near a pond, make friends with the local animals, and perhaps even write a book about it (methinks this particular idea has been done. Damn you Thoreau! [j/k deceased naturalists. y’all so real.]). The point is options. You’ve got ’em. I’ve got ’em. We get to make ’em. As individuals. I guess we could play as a collective, but that may turn out to be too unifying and unfulfilling for the one midst many (Am I the only one with reservations about collective coital acts?). In any event this led me to thoughts of commitment [sustained involvement pertaining to one’s choice].

With all these options: how committed must we be to enact a choice, particularly if that choice leads us to some soon-to-be-embarked adventure.  Does commitment mean faithfulness? If I make one decision must I act it out to it’s logical conclusion? DO I have the choice “to change horses mid-stream” [Thanks  to the movie “Wag The Dog” for providing me awful sound-bites]. I like to think there is something good to be found in commitment. You pick something a path, a way, a career, a poison … and you keep with it till you feel fulfilled, or dead in the case of poison (unless you’re looking to develop an immunity  … bully for you superhero in training). Yet, for some reason, at this particular juncture in my life commitments seem strange, far off, mythical creatures. I know of them but don’t participate in any and fearful if I actually get the stones to follow one. Yeah, commitments leave you open to failure.  I’m not fond of failure, it’s usually followed by self-pity and loathing. Things to do without.

On to things much more cheery and decidedly awesome. They also tend to be distractions from those onerous options

The OK Go – “This Too Shall Pass” (ft. Notre Dame marching band)

J. Stewart and Sam B. – “Progressivism

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – “40 Day Dream (Live)



  1. It’s very interesting to me, these thoughts of freedom, commitment, failure… because I’ve been hearing a lot about them lately–from you, from Emily, and from myself. It’s something to thing about I s’pose…

  2. P.S. The time stamp associated with these comments appears to be off…

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